Thomas R. Clay

Co-Author of The NEW Health Code for Women and the forthcoming book The NEW Health Code for SuperMoms and SuperWomen
Founder of the Health Design Institute and The SuperMom Project

My Personal Story - A  Mr. SuperMom

My wife and I just had a baby boy when we started renovating the old farm house we were living in. This house was close to 175 years old and had a lot of charm but also needed a lot work. We’ve all heard stories about renovating old houses and how they can quickly turn into “money pits”.

You may have even seen the comedy movie, Money Pit. This movie highlighted one renovation disaster after another and the couple tried to live there during the renovation.

As you can imagine they were stressed to the max and the couple’s relationship eventually was torn apart.

Well, our renovation project had many of the same issues and was full of disaster, and included major stress with multiple “money pits”.

The big difference for us was our renovation project triggered some serious health issues and our biggest money pits were related to getting sick. Illnesses that many of you can relate to.

All three of us got sick and the traditional doctors were clueless as to why. We spent over three years visiting doctors trying to figure out what was causing us to feel so bad. 

Once I stopped depending on the doctors to solve our problems and became my own health advocate and wellness coach, things turned around for our whole family.

As part of my role as wellness coach, I became the researcher and investigator.  After a few weeks of investigating potential causes for our illnesses, I realized it was something we were eating, drinking, or breathing that triggered our health issues—that sounds simple enough, right? 

Well, in the meantime, we lost our health insurance. They kept denying coverage and eventually decided not to renew our policy altogether.

We finally uncovered the problem. Our old house had hidden toxic mold that we disturbed while renovating. No, this story is not about getting sick from mold, but we were being poisoned by our own home and the traditional doctors had no idea and no answers. They didn’t have a pill for cleansing the toxins from our bodies. And they certainly knew nothing about remediating mold from the house. 

What happened was, the mold poison chronically stressed our bodies from the inside out and was a major factor in triggering an entire pathway of illnesses for us.

The scary part of this story is that every day we are all living in a modern world full of stress and a wide variety of toxins, all of which are accumulating in our bodies and affecting us—particularly women and children—at an alarming rate.

I’ll spare the ugly details of us being stressed out, getting terribly sick, losing our jobs, and being financially devastated by a very predictable and preventable pathway to and from illness. A growing number of health care professionals are now referring to this pathway as a New Generation of Illnesses triggered by our modern lifestyles, heavy metals and environmental toxins. 

A Dangerous Toxic Brew   

I’ve been on a mission for the past 21 years to turn my family’s health challenges into something positive where I can help other families. Especially the moms who have kids with health issues and special needs. I fondly refer to these moms as SuperMoms!  

I also have a special place in my heart for those women that are taking care of elderly parents.  I fondly refer to these special people as SuperWomen. I know there are plenty of men that also take care of aging parents because I am one of those. 

Yes, I've spent the last 20 plus years acting as the primary care giver and wellness coach for two kids with challenging health issues and above average needs while also taking care of an ageing mother that is now 94. 

I know it's a little unnatural for a man to write about women's health issues and develop family oriented wellness programs, but I've learned so much over these last 20 years researching and implementing solutions while playing the role of Mr. SuperMom, health advocate and wellness coach that I was compelled to share it. 

What makes me a Mr. SuperMom? 

Well, I've had full custody of my two children for the last 11 years since they were 6 and 10 years old. Both kids had food allergies and other challenging health issues that required an extraordinary amount of energy and support just to get them through daily school routines. I'll spare you the rest of the agonizing details of us seeking real solutions that we could implement.  

Over the last 21 years of dealing with mold poisoning and a wide variety of other health challenges, I’ve discovered some very viable and successful alternative treatment solutions and holistic therapies that can help many of you. Issues like toxic overload, burnout, chronic stress, fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, and an entire pathway of illnesses triggered by our fast-paced, toxic world.

So now, my mission includes working with SuperMoms and SuperWomen to help them address and solve the challenging issues involved with caring for special children and aging parents.  

Why is This? 

Because what I've learned on my long wellness journey is that the combination of modern stress and environmental toxins is triggering a special set of health issues affecting millions of women and their children. 

This "toxic brew" of chronic stress, heavy metals and environmental toxins is wrecking havoc on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD, Bipolar Disorder and a wide variety of other challenging health issues. Autism has increased over 500% in the last 20 years, ADD cases are on the rise and infertility is now impacting an estimated 50% of the population in the US. 

Virtually all the disorders effecting children in the US are dramatically on the rise. The same can be said for Alzheimer's in the elderly. It's on the rise and unfortunately traditional medicine is not successfully addressing these issues. 

One of the main reasons is that chronic stress along with other issues is triggering inflammation which acts like an oven that heats up and mixes the heavy metals, environmental toxins and other chemicals into a dangerous "Toxic Brew". This brew can affect parts of the brain and nervous system of moms before and during their pregnancy. 

This brew continues to stew and can have a life changing impact on developing brains and highly sensitive nervous systems in young kids.  Mom's are unknowingly passing this "toxic brew" thru to their children, some of which are having a toxic reaction that is causing a wide variety of development issues.  

The Good News...Those suffering from this "toxic brew" can cleanse and detox this from their bodies. They can also learn to remove inflammation, "out smart" stress, release the unhealthy belief systems, self sabotaging behaviors and trapped emotions so it no longer adds fuel to the fire.    

More Good News...There are holistic therapies that have proven successful at retraining the brain and nervous systems affected by this "Toxic Brew". So, once you clear what is causing the harm you can generate a "New Health Code" and dramatically improve your health whether you are 4 years old or 94. 

In an effort to give back and turn this into something positive, about 19 years ago, I created an Institute where we helped over 8000 families overcome their environmental related health issues. 

At that Institute, we developed training programs and certified over 200 environmental contractors and specialists around the country. I’ve met and worked with some amazing doctors, wellness coaches, and alternative practitioners who have encouraged me to move this mission forward and to share my story.

They have also encouraged me to not only publish The NEW Health Code for Women book, which is available on Amazon, but to use my experiences and create some real solutions. 

This is why I’ve launched a community outreach project that we call The SuperMom Project. Through this project, we are offering SuperMom Retreats and Super Special Kids Camps that include one on one wellness coaching, weekly webinars, group activities and much more. Check out our program links for more details on the SuperMom's and SuperWoman Retreats.   

The Health Design Institute is a growing team of doctors, wellness coaches and other health care practitioners that are totally dedicated and on a mission to create and offer a new kind of health care practice and we have a BIG Goal. 

Our Goal is to empower, educate, and coach one hundred thousand SuperMoms and SuperWomen over the next ten years. 

We are laying the foundation for our BIG goal by rolling out an online coaching platform and online training programs for wellness coaches so they can in turn empower and coach women how to be their very own personal wellness coaches, as well as, their family’s wellness coach. 

We believe that today’s modern families should not rely solely on our health care system to take care of them. We also believe that it makes financial sense to be more proactive and responsible for our own health. 

Today it makes even more sense to NOT wait until you’re pregnant or sick to start thinking about your health and your kids health. Even with health insurance, it is very costly to wait until you’re sick and then go through our current health care system. The co-pays and deductibles add up quickly and soon they dwarf the amount you will spend being proactive to invest in your own health!

Don’t get me wrong, we have world class doctors, surgeons, diagnostic tools, emergency rooms, operating equipment and beautiful new hospitals in this country. 

We also have beautiful gyms and training studios with the top-notch fitness professionals helping clients every day. Yet, we still have a society that is growing overweight, depressed, tired, and suffering a sense of burn out.  

This is what The SuperMoms Project is all about. Providing you with the resources, wellness programs and support that you needed but couldn’t find. Through this project, I want to share with you the doctors, wellness coaches and programs that can not only help you prevent these issues but help those of you who may already have issues.

As you can tell, I’m very passionate, completely dedicated, and on a mission to help other families suffering from difficult health challenges to find a permanent solution. My own family has been severely challenged by many of the same issues you are experiencing and now I want to share the lessons learned and provide families like yours the tools, resources, coaching support…plus the hope we needed but could not find!   

I look forward to hearing from you.  

To Your Health and Wellness,

Thomas R. Clay

Wellness Coach, Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine Specialist, Health Advocate and Father

Co-Author of The NEW Health Code for Women Book and forthcoming book, The NEW Health Code for SuperMoms and SuperWomen

Creator of The SuperMom Project - A Community Outreach Project 

Founder of the Health Design Institute, LLC 

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