About Us

The SuperMom Project

Our Values, Mission, and Beliefs

The SuperMom Project is a community outreach project of The Health Design Institute and is supporting those Moms facing extraordinary challenges at home taking care of the special needs of their loved ones.  

These are women that spend so much of their time and energy taking care of everyone else that they sacrifice their own health and well being to the detriment of everyone involved.   

What Makes this Project so Special? 

We have specially designed Retreats and Camps to not only address the health needs of the care givers but also those they care for. It's life changing for everyone involved! 

This project involves a growing team of doctors, holistic wellness coaches, and alternative health care practitioners that are totally dedicated and on a mission to support these women and their families.

This unique wellness project not only offers online and in person retreats and camps but we are developing a series of books, webinars, documentaries and podcasts to be rolled out during 2018. 

Do you know any one taking care of their special needs child or elderly parent that has their own health issues and feel like they are about to "hit the wall" and burnout?

Craig Koniver, MD and Author

Hello, I’m Craig Koniver, MD and I’m on a MISSION to help women find a healthy balance between work, family and health …including their Love Life…without the Guilt! REAL Long Lasting Health, Happiness and Success!

This is my Life’s Purpose and Passion! Along with my own personal practice where I see patients daily, I’ve helped author the NEW Health Code for Women to expand my reach and help more families.

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Thomas R. Clay, Author and Health Design Specialist

Hello, thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. I would like to take a few minutes of your time and share a little of my personal story. Many of you can benefit from it and save yourselves much heart ache, pain, suffering and money.

I want to help as many families as I can avoid the problems we faced and the hard lessons we learned.

So now, my team's mission is focused on working with SuperMoms and SuperWomen to help them address and solve the challenging issues involved with caring for special needs children and aging parents. 

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Jennifer Jakubek, Wellness Coach and Health Design Specialist  

Jennifer is one of The SuperMom Project's initial success stories. She started her wellness journey over 18 years ago, and like many of us, she bounced around from doctor to doctor searching for answers. Jennifer was like many super moms that have gifted kids with special needs. She always put her needs last, and eventually, her health went into a downward spiral. 

She struggled with chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, an inflamed gallbladder, digestive problems and feared complete burnout following a difficult divorce.  Her hormones got so out of balance that her doctor recommended a hysterectomy.  One of her doctor’s suggested she was prediabetic because she had to eat every few hours or her mood swings were terrible.

Jennifer has a degree in child and family development and was determined to capitalize on her 4 years in college.  Now, in her 30th year of child and family development, her passion and purpose in life are coaching families with special needs and helping them find real health solutions. 

She absolutely loves it and has used her wellness coaching and professional experience to evolve into a Health Design Specialist with the Health Design Institute.  

Over the years, Jennifer was able to find relief from a number of her health issues as she learned and implemented a variety of holistic therapies and alternative treatment options including energy medicine. She has taught and attended many health and wellness classes and received professional training that has uniquely positioned her as a Health Design Specialist for special needs families.   

Jennifer completely understands the needs, concerns, and challenges of both the Supermoms and the special needs children. She is an extraordinary woman, a world-class coach and a true gift for those SuperMoms and SuperWomen looking for real solutions.  

Nadia Kenigsberg – Wellness Coach, Medical Intuitive, and Health Design Specialist  

Many of her friends and clients call her Nanni because she is so friendly and warm. People are naturally drawn to her, and she has an interesting story of how she found her way into the field of health and wellness.   

Nanni has a college degree in fashion design and for many years custom designed clothes for women. As she honed her skills making clothes, she began hearing her clients tell stories of how the new designs made them feel so much better. At first, she dismissed this feedback as just happy clients, but it turned out to be more as she researched a possible connection. 

She also noticed how her clients were spending more and more of their visits to her studio talking about their health and relationship issues. 

In an effort to condense her story, Nanni was born with natural gifts of healing which translated through a variety of tools including the clothes she designed. These gifts of healing also included the ability to intuitively sense which parts of the mind, body and spirit were out of balance, and what old belief systems and unhealthy emotions were triggering problems. 

Once these healing gifts started to emerge, Nanni, decided to study and train in great detail how she could use them to help her own family, as well as her clients. This became important because Nanni and her husband had a daughter that was born premature and needed lots of special attention as a child. 

She was very motivated to become the family’s wellness coach and learn about holistic and alternative options and how she might expand her gifts to help more women that have loved ones with special needs. 

Now, some 30 years later, Nanni has two grand children that have special needs and she is very passionate about caring for SuperMoms and SuperWomen and helping them care for their loved ones.