Craig Koniver, MD and Author

My Turning Point Story

Some of you may know my story and how it changed my life.  For those who havenít, I would like to take a few minutes to introduce myself and share with you a story that I call my Turning Point!

Iím an MD and I describe myself as a Holistic MD.     

This is the story that caused me to take a close look in the mirror and decide if I would fit into the health care system as we know it or would I take a stand and do what was right for my family, for my patients, and for my patientsí families.

Interestingly enough,even though my father and grandfather were both physicians and I spent years of my life learning how to be a doctor, only to find that my truest and most valuable lessons have come from my patients and with my own kids.

Itís not fun to admit that, at one point, I was totally brainwashed about the healthcare system, like many of you. But itís the truth!

My first true turning point happened when I realized that our health care system can be completely dysfunctional and broken at times - especially in how it addresses womenís health and the health of our families. 

When I decided to open my first solo practice, I was brainwashed into thinking I needed to schedule patients every 10 to 15 minutes and give them a diagnosis because that was what the insurance companies needed for reimbursement.

Then I would write a prescription, because that was what patients expected from their doctor these days. I quickly realized that many of the illnesses and lifestyle issues facing busy moms and dads were being overlooked and misdiagnosed using this approach.

And frankly, the old approach made the situation worse for some patients because their bodies were toxicóanother chemical-based prescription only made things worse for them. I also saw many women who were completely stressed out, exhausted, and totally frustrated not knowing where to get real answers and support for their challenges.

Then I got equally frustrated seeing my patients continue to suffer and hearing about all their friends looking for real help that I decided to begin practicing holistic medicine, where I combined the best of modern medicine with the best holistic solutions I could find.


This is where my second turning point came in, and one of the main reasons I decided to support the Health Design Institute and The SuperMom Project.

Over the past 12-plus years Iíve researched, tested, and implemented many different therapies and treatment options while trying to find the best and most cost-effective solutions for my patients.

Iíve applied more than a dozen different alternative therapies and holistic treatments and have narrowed them down to eight to ten I believe that are the most effective. During this time, I found the one thing that anyone can access and use 24/7! 

I call it the X-factor. In my opinion, itís the single most powerful health tool on the planet and Iím excited to introduce it here. The X-factor is like a special sauce, and it has four key ingredients. First is a personalized wellness plan that outlines your highest priorities and the implementation of each specific therapy being recommended.

Second is to have a supportive wellness coach. This person will be part cheerleader, accountability partner, and coach to as you navigate through your wellness plan. 

Every person is different and no two react the same when it comes to using alternative therapies and holistic treatment options so itís critically important to work with a wellness coach who understands how to coordinate therapies and treatment solutions to fit your bodyís chemistry, energy level, and personal health history.

The third ingredient involves helping you find passion and purpose in your life so that you have inspiration and motivation to move forward on your journey and stick with it through the hills and valleys and twists and turns. 

Let me explain it this way, in todayís modern world busy women are developing health issues that are layered one on top of the next. Because of this, symptoms often overlap and intertwine to the point that itís almost impossible to diagnose quicklyóand there are no magic pills to make it all go away.

Much like peeling back an onion, patients and their wellness coaches have to eliminate one layer at a time. Itís also important to start this healing process with baby steps so patients donít become overwhelmed and give up before they are out of the starting gate. Wellness coaches are trained to help you take those baby steps that eventually add up to Big Success!

The fourth ingredient of my X-factor solution and another vitally important piece to your health puzzle - the clearing of emotional roadblocks and unhealthy behavioral patterns. Thomas, my co-author of our book, likes to refer to these as the Gremlins in our heads.

Literally everyone who is active in this world has accumulated emotional baggage and unwanted behavioral patterns. 

However, busy women who are stressed out trying to juggle work, kids, house, and their love life must hit the reset button every so often and clear the baggage that so easily accumulates. Much like a computer, we all need to clear our hard drives and trash our junk mail.   

And that brings us back to Wellness Coaching, which is absolutely the most powerful tool on the planet for helping people clear emotional baggage and unwanted behavioral patterns. 

Once you clear unwanted emotional baggage and find healthy alternative patterns, you can trigger the bodyís natural healing processes. This process also allows the alternative therapies and holistic treatment options to work much more effectively.   

So, after seeing more than 10,500 patients over the past 12-plus years with what appear to be common health issues, I have joined with Thomas Clay to co-author and develop The NEW Health Code for Women project that specifically addresses these issues directly and provides a solution that works.  

Most traditional Doctorsí offices today are just not set up and staffed to provide the kind of planning, education, and support that many patients and their families need. Wellness coaching is the most powerful process of transformation and can empower, shift, and activate permanent changes in a patientís life. 

Trained coaches learn how to help clients examine how they act, think, and feel while helping them shift their energy, mind, and heart toward a healthy balance and a fulfilling life.

This past year Iíve come to further realize that working with patients one-on-one is not the best use of my time and the valuable knowledge Iíve accumulated.  Now, Iím totally dedicated, completely passionate, and on a personal Mission to specifically address the health and lifestyle needs of busy women and their families everywhere. 

I want to empower families so they never have to experience the down side of our health care system, where they get 10 to 15 minutes with a doctor and another prescriptionóthatís why Iím working with a team of experts and coaches to develop the tools and resources so you can become your very own personal wellness coaches.

I invite you to take a closer look at your own knowledge base and skills then look in the mirror as I did a few years ago. .  I want you to ask yourself: are you going to help yourself and your family create healthier, happier, and more successful lives?  

Or are you going to sit on the sidelines and hope the health care system picks you up and takes you along for the ride? Are you prepared for a lifetime of 15-minute doctor visits and a lifetime of prescriptions?

What you will find in this book will provide a valuable alternative if you are willing to learn, grow and become your very own health advocate. 

In Health and Wellness,     

Craig Koniver, MD  Co-Author The NEW Health Code for Women


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